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Records On Top Inc. is a production company
and an independent record label that 
was particularly created for artists by artists.

Our company's main principle is to collaborate with artists and help them sculpt their ideas and inspiration in order to deliver distinctive and creative originality to the public's ear. Records On Top Inc. can undertake all stages of a music production from pre-production to mastering, to the video shoot. Artists have the opportunity to work with experienced producers, record in top class facilities and materialize their visions in the best possible way.


The Records On Top label also offers services such as digital distribution, traditional media distribution and will fulfill all the necessary procedures that are related to a release after the production is done.

“Bring us your ideas and we shall make them shine”


Records On Top Inc. was created as a labeling company for all different types of artists of all different genres of music, with the aim to create and bring original sounds to the industry.

Our purpose as a labeling company is to evolve every idea into a unique creative sound or vice versa, and for this reason, we respect all demos equally. All demos are listened to and reviewed from the production team with the purpose to improve everything they handle. Demos may be sent in any format, even just containing just a voice and a guitar that is demonstrated in any quality of sound will do.  All demos will be sent back to the artist after reviewed and evaluated generously by the production team.  We believe that as long as a demo obtains some type of unique and creative musical element, it can make a difference. It's not a matter of what the industry can bring to you; It's a matter of what you can bring to the industry.

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