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Beggar's Blues Diary

Released by Records On Top


Beggar's Blues Diary Official Site


Genre: Nu Metal

​In 2002 ROT was introduced to the musical world with the album Rabid Outbreak Through. An album which was produced by the inspiring Akis Golfidis. A bunch of university students announced it’s experimental progressive metal sounds which they believed would make a difference. The album climbed up the charts to position #36, very unusual fora metal record in Greek music industry.

Later in 2004 their second album titled" pRovOcaTiv" was launced with a result to capture the imagination of the hard rock progressive fans. A band with many national awards from album, artwork, videoclips and considered by Metal Hammer(GR) as the best upcoming band. It’s been 4 years! Years that have gone by, bringing a fresh new start, 4 new band members and 15 new songs. Songs that have been created with the unique ROT sound. The Time Has Come... and ROT are back again, heavy and powerful like never before.

New compositions with the same philosophy and passion for the musical scene in which they have expressed and loved for so many years. Heavy sounds and creative talent complete the puzzle that attracts the interest of the listener from track 1 to 15. Many inspiring participants to the likes of David Lynch have made a difference towards the shape and mood of many of the songs.


Mylo(Vocals), Nefton(Drums), Apostle(Bass), Keymon(Guitar) and Buttons(Dsp-Fx) after countless hours of studio recordings and thousands of ideas have managed to fit everything in this 15 track album which is out now in stores. The CD is enhanced and includes also the videoclip of the song “The Path”.

“Evolving, Changing. Time has come, it’s all happening.”

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