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Kay & The Schooldrivers

Released by Records On Top


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Kay & The Schooldrivers

Genre: Alternative Rock / Modern Rock

​Kay & The Schooldrivers (now Schooldrivers) originally started as Kay Darens's solo band project bound to disperse after the release of the album "Pame Ekdrome!". The unforeseen high critics and success the band met led to the decision to keep tha band going.

This project "Kay & The Schooldrivers" is no more as it was transformed into a whole new band which doesn't resemble it's ancestor. Kay Daren's is the sole remaining member of the original project. However, "Pame Ekdrome!" is considered a classic sounded album and is highly sought after by local music collectors.

Schooldrivers is now a modern rock band from Athens, Greece. Their music features dirty grunge distorted guitars, heavy drum beats and dark bass lines, all strung up lyrics and prog mood enhancing keys. Recommended if you like Foo Fighters, Seether, Bush, Faith No More, Metallica, Kyuss, Clutch, Muse and RHCP.

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