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Beggar's Blues Diary

Released by Records On Top


The Damnation Project

Genre: Progressive Rock

The Damnation Project started it’s course in Athens with their first album in 2012 and returns this time from Kavala to change our minds. It combines progressive rock with everything else the artistic creation of it’s members dictate. The mastermind of this album is John Degdekis, performer, composer and songwriter of this unique group. Their second album goes by the name “SMYRNA”, with three of the eight tracks already standing out in our ears. The songs “The Distance” and “The Biggest Hero” are one of those tracks that listening to them once is not enough, while “Let Me Down” is the first video clip of the album. Apart from the purely Progressive Rock character that exudes from this album, there is also vibe from oriental aesthetics. It travels you to the depths of Bosporus, bringing to mind memories of the glorious history of Mikra Asia till the uprooting of Pontus. Smyrna burned. Everywhere debris and ashes. Most die, some survive leaving behind their burnt homes. "Fire on one side, the sea on the other .. and we were in the middle ..."


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