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Duo Fina

Genre: Classical, Operatic Pop

​The greek twin brothers Takis and Yiannis Finas were born in Germany.
Their artistic way - always as a duet - includes numerous concerts, as well as performances in theaters, tv shows and opera in Europe (Italy, Germany, France) United States of America (New York., Arizona, N. Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware) Asia (Turkey, China) and Africa (Egypt)

In Greece, they have appeared at the Athens Concert Hall, Herodium, the National Opera of Athens and the Opera of Thessaloniki City, at the State Theatre of Northern Greece and have collaborated with all symphonic orchestras in Greece (Athens State Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra of National Television, the Contemporary Music Orchestra of National Television and the Camerata Orchestra, the Orchestra of Colors, the Choir of the National Hellenic Radio etc.)

Their last tour was held in January 2015, which appeared in some of the biggest theaters and concert halls in 10 major cities in China, accompanied by the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Naples ("Dongying Snow Lotus Grand Theater", "Henan art Center", "Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall", "Sanming Theatre" etc.)

The two brothers teach piano and classical singing in the "New Art Conservatory" of Athens. They have also played in musical theater comedies which they write themselves. Their music comedy "Two tenors in Greek night club" presented in Athens for a whole year (2014-2015) received the best reviews of the public and the press for the originality of the script and the ingenuity which the brothers presented the opera to a wider audience.

Since May 2016, Fina Brothers present their own TV music show (Duo Fina Show) in Greek State Television.

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